Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition 2019

3 days / 40+ Exhibitors
35+ Speakers / 20+ Educational sessions
May 22nd – 24th 2019

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Day 1

May 22
Safety Field Day

Active Safety Demonstration – Impact of Weight

Emergency Braking

This exercise will highlight the differences in braking distance and system efficiency from unladen to laden. Included will be a direct comparison to aftermarket components so the attendee can experience for themselves the real-world improvements that can be made in stopping power that is vital during those all-important emergency situations.

Dynamic Lane Change 

Originally called the “Moose” test. This procedure consists of driving vehicle through a set track which simulates an on-road lane change manoeuvre. The vehicle is driven at a set speed from the initial lane to another parallel lane and back again.

The test is used during the certification processes for motor vehicles and provides an excellent basis for assessment of a vehicle’s performance in emergency situation. All participants will have the ability to experience this test for themselves in both laden, un-laden and modified laden vehicles.

To show the effect of weight on a vehicle’s overall stopping distance.

Slalom / Stability

 The slalom test involves attempting to maintain a constant speed whilst control a vehicle around a series of traffic cones in a controlled environment. This test provides the participant a graphic and physical account of the impact of weight on a vehicle and its handling dynamics. A vehicle laden to capacity is a much bigger beast to handle! This will provide attendees with a real world look into the day to day lives of those within our organisations on the road every day in laden, or partially laden vehicle.

Cornering Force

Today’s professional driver relies on the mobile office to safely handle the unexpected!

This scenario will test both man and machine with a series of real world, back to back collision avoidance examples highlighting how a tailored set up that is fit for purpose can help keep your fleet safe and your costs down.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Field Safety Day


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