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May 22nd – 24th 2019

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Day 2

May 23
Breakout Session

Technology, Technology, Technology!

Technology, technology, technology! It’s all happening, some of it within reach and others are closer to the landing a Tesla on the moon. The primary goal of fleet management is to provide an organisation with vehicles to deliver products and or services as cost effective and as safe as possible.

We all understand technology costs money and the old adage you need to spend money to make money, however there are some things in life that are free or not too expensive.

In this session you’ll hear from 3 organisations whose technology is designed to reduce your operating costs, increase safety outcomes and make your world a better place.

This Breakout Session is designed for delegates looking to learn more about some of the options available.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Breakout Session


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Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at OviDrive – Mobility Operating System

With over 20 years experience within the fleet leasing and fleet management game, Ron has first-hand knowledge of the major restrictions, issues and opportunities facing the fleet industry today, and in the future.

His past work has seen him managing everything from large corporate fleets, in-house fleets, manufacturer fleets as well as building cost effective fleets from scratch. Not only has he worked for 2 international fleet leasing companies, he also had 4 ½ years running his own successful fleet consultancy business.

In early 2015, he helped conceptualise an AI powered platform, the-first-of-its kind in the world to utilise real-time data, machine learning and AI to automate vehicle and fleet management, and most importantly finally free up the fleet manager’s time and give them the valuable information they need to optimise their fleets and drivers.

Later that same year, stemming from a collaboration of Fleet Industry experts, Business Entrepreneurs, and Technology & AI Design Architects, saw OviDrive launched across the industry, as a foundation & cutting edge operating system for Fleet/Vehicle Management as well as the fledgling Mobility as a Service (MaaS) industry.

During this time, Ron has consulted extensively with Global Fleet companies, OEMs and Mobility Providers, observing how they manage or intend to manage fleets effectively in international markets and on a global scale.

He is looking forward to sharing with you a summary of the latest technologies, that fleet managers can use in today’s fleet mobility world, to significantly reduce costs, improve compliance and reduce your overall workload on a daily basis.




Senior Executive Sales & Operations, Pedders Suspension and Brakes

David has a wealth of experience collected along his journey in the automotive industry including multi-franchise ownership and extensive Motorsport involvement – culminating in driving a Formula One car in Italy.

Driven by a passion to improve the awareness of legally-compliant weight management on our roads, David has worked in conjunction with colleagues to develop and patent software designed to simulate load placement and legal compliance.




Head of Sales, Radaro

With over 16 years’ experience working for enterprise IT solutions across Australia and New Zealand, Grant has worked with many of Australia’s leading brands across a wide range of industries from retail, travel, insurance, banking, manufacturing and logistics.

Grant is Head of Sales at Radaro and committed to helping delivery and service businesses to enable superb customer outcomes for a greatly improved last-mile. Grant’s focus is on enhanced ROI, accountability and visibility over owned or contracted workforces.

Radaro is not a telematics platform, it is a tracking and customer engagement platform that leverages smartphones to close the loop on customer experience and work order execution.

Many of Australia’s leading brands are already gaining a competitive edge using Radaro across their delivery and mobile workforce models, including JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Miele, Electrolux, Suncorp and Forty Winks.

When not consulting to businesses, Grant spends his down-time with his wife and young family and can be seen sporting bright yellow lycra, cycling down Beach Road with his fellow MAMIL riders.

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